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Claret Mendez

I am a woman fascinated with the details that life gives us, day by day.

Within my development as a professional I was discovering the passion for feeling the fluidity with which I can take my proper and comprehensive diet without falling into obsessions and erroneous restrictions.

It's amazing to live with the power of my nutrition and take control of it despite what society tells me, because I trust my intuition. 

TODAY I know what is good for me, what I like, what I need and that is why I want YOU to be part of this and I will help you to achieve it, because Nutrition is the essential tool for the functionality of your body._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Do not think that this came from nowhere, I had to go through many mental, physical and social processes to realize what my peace was, what my goal was and how I could land it safely.

As a professional, I have a degree in nutrition from the Technological University of Mexico Campus Toluca with specialties and diplomas in Health Coach Ontological, Certification in auriculotherapy and iridology as an alternative therapy. Certification in ISAK I (International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry), Certification as a CrossFit Coach, Energy Calculation Workshop endorsed by FIFA and FIMS, I specialized in comprehensive intervention for Obesity and in acute and chronic kidney disease, Attention Nutritional in Psychiatric Diseases, Intervention and detection in Digestive diseases.

Part of my experience as a nutritionist has been in an industrial company of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles as plant nutritionist and in charge of food service, Mónica Pretelini Maternal and Child Hospital in the area of intensive care, milk bank and preparation of enteral and parenteral formulas and currently founder of the comprehensive nutrition center "Nutrición Claret"

So, my goal is to give you the necessary tools to understand your body's nutritional needs in a comprehensive way, taking care of your mental, physical and social health. Likewise, we will be able to empower the signals of your body and flow with your diet.

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